Good Touch / Bad Touch and Anti-Bullying Program

Funds for much needed projects at Ranburne Elementary School were furnished in the form of a $1000 grant by Coosa Valley RC&D Council. A total of 345 students in grades K – 4th, were taught “Good Touch, Bad Touch”, and Anti-Bullying” with resources and workbooks purchased with grant money. With today’s news headlines, children need to know the difference between a “Good Touch, Bad Touch” and how to say no. They need to know what to do if touched in a bad way, they need to know how to tell someone and not feel they did something to deserve it. Also, children need to know how their words and actions can affect others in a negative way. Children need to understand it is not funny to say things which can hurt people’s feelings. Education on these topics can bring children to talk and ask questions which will help to get things out in the open.


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