Town Creek Stream Restoration

In October of 2007, Cawaco R&D received a grant from ADEM to restore 1,100 feet of Town Creek, Jasper. The stream showed signs of severe erosion and degraded habitat. With partners including the City of Jasper, AL DOT, Walker County S&WCD, Jennings Environmental and North State Environmental, the stream was restored using natural channel design and a wetland was installed to treat stormwater before entering the Creek. The project was completed in October, 2009.

Prior to construction (May, 2008), Geological Survey of Alabama performed a habitat assessment on Town Creek. The assessment indicated that the creek was in “fair” to “poor” condition as habitat for fish communities. Since then, Geological Survey sampled in 2009, 2010 and 2012. According to Geological Survey (2012), the fish population in Town Creek, “appears stable for an urban watershed … dominated by sunfishes, bass, stonerollers, tolerant minnows, and few darters. Improvements … by the restoration project has had a positive affect on the fish assemblage in Town Creek through creation of deeper plunge pools, in-stream and stream bank vegetation cover, less sediment deposition and improved diversity and quality of riffle and run habitat.”

Our Partners

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