Legislator Orientation Hosted by Cawaco RC&D Council


On Friday, November 20, 2015, Cawaco RC&D Council hosted a Legislator Orientation at Vestavia Hills City Hall in Birmingham. Legislators gathered to learn more about Resource Conservation and Development Councils at the State and local levels, as well as the Soil and Water Conservation Committee. Noopie Cosby from The Cosby Company opened the meeting with a warm welcome and a brief history on RC&D. The Alabama Association of RC&D’s Executive Director, Mike Roden, gave an overview presentation of RC&D at the State level. Kellie Johnston, Executive Director of Cawaco RC&D Council, gave a presentation on her council with examples of different projects that have been successful in her council area. Dr. William Puckett, Executive Director of the Soil and Water Conservation Committee, gave an overview presentation of his organization that is in partnership with RC&D. We greatly appreciate the past and continued support of our Alabama Legislators! Thank you for your attendance and appreciation for our organizations!

The Legislators in attendance are as follows:

Representatives- Matt Fridy, Jimmy Martin, Arnold Mooney, Dickie Drake, Tim Wadsworth
Senators- Jabo Waggoner, Shay Shelnutt

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