AARC&D Projects

Alabama A+ Agricultural Biological –  This project developed a biological collection and marketing component within Alabama A+ Agricultural Marketing Association in and around UAB at Birmingham, and Wallace State Community College at Hanceville.  By addressing the potential market, expansion for by-products – i.e. blood, bone and soft-tissue – new life can be injected into farming communities and co-ops.

Cave Rescue Training – This project developed cave rescue training curriculum in coordination with the Alabama Fire College to educate a target audience of firefighters, other emergency responders and the general public.  The educational activities include a single rope technique and basic cave rescue.

Inside Out Dropout Rate – The objective is to introduce rural Alabama students grades 6-12 to the realities of becoming a dropout; increasing awareness and stimulate discussion about life choices and consequences.

State Training for RC&D – The Association provided staff, coordinators and board members with financial strategies, non-profit management and insurance requirements for non-profits.  The training covered QuickBooks, project documentation procedures, understanding financial statements, board member responsibilities, insurance and Roberts Rules of order.

Teachers Conservation Workshops for Continuing Education – This project consisted of two workshops’ the first in Tuscaloosa and again in Auburn.  Approximately 100 Alabama teachers participated in the summer workshops.  Teachers learned about forest ecology, management and products through guest lectures, field trips and hands-on activities.

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