The RC&D Council

The RC&D Council is the heart of the RC&D concept. The Council is a membership-based nonprofit entity that is established and run by volunteers to carry out the mission of the RC&D. The Council is composed of members that are key community leaders in soil and water conservation, government, and community development. They are the steering committee and action team to implement the “Area Plan”, a community-driven strategic long-range plan to improve the quality of life and environment in the communities in the RC&D Area.

The RC&D Council members need to be action-oriented volunteers and leaders that help the Council address needs in the community through good planning and project implementation. In this “make it happen” style, the Council also annually evaluates its progress on the Area Plan and gathers input from the community. The Council members represent all the counties of the Area. This larger membership body formally meets periodically to develop the annual plan of work and celebrate accomplishments.

The RC&D Executive Director

Once federal funding stopped in 2011, each Council had to hire an Executive Director with local funds to replace the federal RC&D Coordinator and to continue the Council’s work in carrying out its objectives and goals. Although the loss of Federal Coordinators was a very bad event, Councils are very committed to continue providing quality services to its communities by seeking new government and business partners.

The RC&D Council’s Board of Directors

The Board of Directors manage the affairs of the RC&D Council as an incorporated 501(c)(3) organization. The Board formally approves the Area Plan, mission, policies, budget, projects, and hiring of Council Staff. Board members have legal and fiduciary responsibilities. Essentially, the Board of Directors ensures that the organization is well-managed and running properly in order to obtain the objectives of the RC&D Council.

The RC&D Staff

Staff is hired by the Board to implement the annual and long range goals, policies, and organizational operations that have all been approved by the Board. The RC&D Staff joins with volunteer Board and Council Members, other volunteers and partners to help implement the goals of the RC&D Council

Our Partners

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