Alabama Association of RC&D Councils Supports 40 Years of the Alabama State Games

The Alabama Association of RC&D Councils, Alabama RC&D, partnered with the ASF Foundation to sponsor the 40th Annual Alabama State Games, held in Birmingham and the surrounding areas in June 2023. The Alabama State Games provide athletes, regardless of their age and ability, with an olympic-style competition in an effort to raise up the next generation of olympic athletes.

This year’s Opening Ceremonies, held on June 9 at the Bartow Arena in downtown Birmingham, boasted of 6,000 registered athletes competing in 26 different sporting events in the Birmingham and Jefferson County area.

“We are excited to sponsor the Alabama State Games,” said Katie Conner, Alabama RC&D Executive Director. “These games bring athletes from all over the state together and gives them a positive envirnoment to become better athletes and aligns perfectly with the mission of Alabama RC&D to foster economic and community growth and development across the state.”

The Alabama State Games was started at the request of the United States Olympic and Paralympic Committee as a grassroots program to generate interest in Olympic sports and develop future Olympians. Alabama is the second oldest State Games Program in the nation celebrating 40 years of the Alabama State Games in June. What started with four sports and 600 athletes has grown to 26 sports and an expectation of 6,000 athletes in 2023. Their mission is to encourage and emphasize academic excellence, healthy lifestyles and good citizenship using athletics as the vehicle.

“Our vision is to make Alabama a better place to live, work and play and what better way to do that than by partnering with the Alabama State Games,” said Conner.

The Alabama State Games have been held in Auburn, Birmingham, Huntsville, Mobile, and the Wiregrass region.

Alabama Association of RC&D Councils Sponsors Blackbelt Benefit Group’s Tornado Benefit Concert

The Alabama Association of RC&D Councils, Alabama RC&D, continues to work to promote the social and economic benefits for Alabamaians by sponsoring the 2023 Rockin’ Rib-off and Rick Carter Songwriter Festival on Saturday, June 3, 2023 in Selma.

This fundraiser, hosted by the Black Belt Benefit Group, featured an exceptional line up of musicians, delicious ribs and a wide-range of family-friendly activities. By participating in the event, attendees were able raise money and help with the long-term tornado recovery efforts in Selma and the surrouding area after the devastating tornado hit West Alabama on January 12.

“We are grateful to the Alabama Association of RC&D Councils for their generous sponsorship grant,” said Josh Wilkerson, President of Blackbelt Benefit Group. “Their support will have a significant impact on our ability to provide assistance to the residents of Selma as they recover from the tornado’s destruction. This partnership further strengthens our commitment to the community and ensures that our fundraising efforts will make a lasting difference.”

Alabama RC&D Executive Director Katie Conner said that they are honored to be a part of something that supports the recovery of Selma and brings Selma together as a community.

“Alabama RC&D is thankful for groups like Blackbelt Benefit for putting these events on the ground,” Conner said. “After a devastating tornado, it’s important for a community and its citizens to come together to lift community spirits and help those in need. An effort like this captures the spirit of RC&D and we are grateful to play a part.”

Alabama RC&D staff, Katie Conner, Communciations Specialist, Mary Kendall Dixon, attended the event along with Ala-Tom RC&D Council, Executive Director, Marie Lowder and Ala-Tom Council members from Dallas County, Kathy Traylor and Charlie Kee, and Alabama RC&D Program Developer, Noopie Cosby.